Breathing for Better Health

Do your teeth ache and you have a headache in the afternoon?

Consider cutting back on caffeine use and practice breathing exercises.

Yoga breathing reduces anxiety and has an anti-depressive effect on your brain.  People with insomnia who practiced breathing exercises for 20 minutes prior to bed woke up fewer times during the night and significantly reduced blood pressure.

Breathing slowly and deeply helps you take in more oxygen and settles you down.

The Technique:

  1. Set up a comfortable position and soften muscles with a good posture.
  2. Hold your thumb over your right nostril and inhale slowly until your lungs are full, hold 4 to 5 seconds and repeat 4 times.
  3. Switch sides and repeat with thumb or pinky over your left nostril.

Repeat often during the day, if you are unable to breathe thru one of your nostrils and you are not sick, a consult with an ear nose and throat medical doctor would be advised.