How do I know if I am getting the kind of dental care I deserve?

Signs of good care:

  1. Office is clean, instruments are properly autoclaved and autoclave equipment is regularly maintained by weekly spore tests.
  2. You are involved in deciding what is best for you. Treatment decisions are explained and all questions are answered.
  3. You are buying the treatment you want, or are you part of an elaborate sales pitch? Cost of treatment is explained and options for payments are reviewed.
  4. When treatment is being performed, is the dentist running from chair to chair or does the dentist stay present?
  5. Are you getting consistent results or are you dealing with post-operative problems more often than not?
  6. Is the office interested in prevention and keeping you healthy or just “fixing” you?
  7. Can you relate well with the office and people who provide your care, is the staff friendly?
  8. Is the office respectful of your time?